Textwall and Music

Dr. Freya Jarman, Senior Lecturer and Director of Undergraduate Studies at the School of Music in the University of Liverpool shares with us how Textwall is uniquely able to enhance her students' learning experience.

A textwall from Dr Freya Jarman's Music class

A textwall from Dr Freya Jarman's Music class

My main deployment of textwall is in a first year undergraduate Music class. The class is basically about music analysis, but it's all ears-based—no standard notation.

The students range from those with high-level formal musical training (they get scared about using their ears and not having a score) to those who have never played or sung a note in their lives (they get scared about talking about music at all, especially in front of the other type of student).

So, I use textwall to cover two bases. First, it allows the less confident students to participate—they can text in comments on the material, or questions about things they don't understand, and not have to feel worried that the more musically-trained students are judging them. (There is a LOT of this kind of anxiety in the class!)

Second--and this is where I REALLY like it—it allows all students to comment on musical examples as they're listening to it.

Normal procedure in this kind of class would be to play the piece and then discuss it, but textwall allows simultaneous comment on real-time media.