Embed textwall in your vle or website

Imagine being able to update your vle course page or web site by texting in! You can now embed a textwall view into your online course or website easily with our iframe code.

Embedded textwall

Embedded textwall

Embedding an RSS feed into your website or course page is a great way of having up to date information displaying on the site without you having to log in to manually update it. This can take the form or pictures, audio, video or even text messages. Yes! With the RSS feed from your textwall, it was always possible to add the textwall messages to your website but this usually required a bit of technical knowledge and the results were usually very dull-looking. Now you have our pretty iframe to draw attention to your messages, or the thoughts of your users. You can change the size of the iframe to suit. Simply go to your textwall Inbox > Admin and add a textwall view. Customers are already very happy with this feature:


If you have any stories of how embedding a textwall view has helped you, please do get in touch!